Criminal Case Save The World Auto Feed Pets

Criminal Case Save The World Feed Pets

If you want your Police Pets to grow quickly and would like to automatically feed your pets in Criminal Case Save The World, then this Save The World Tool is for you :

Add us to your favorites press Ctrl + D

In Criminal Case Save The World Police Pets,robot cat, monkeys, goats and many other pets can help you get additional rewards. Feeding your pet will help it grow. As your Police Pet grows the rewards it collects grows too.

At the end of a crime scene Save The World, your pet will search the scene, and depending on the pet you adopt, they have a chance to reward you with coins, lucky cards, xp points, free energy in varied amounts or as orange juice or chips and more.

Have you adopted several pets? Is feeding them slowing you down? Don’t despair let this Criminal Case Save The World Tool Feed your pets for you. Multiple Pets can have real advantages to your gameplay Save The World. Switch which Police Pet you have searching depending on the reward you need. The faster your pets grow the better the rewards they will find.

Use this Criminal Case Save The World Feeder to Automatically Feed your Pets until they are full grown.

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